What are the powerful advantages of using the Uber clone taxi script?

The advantage of using the Uber clone script mainly reduces the development cost, increases the performance, saves your time and reaches the market quickly. With this spark, most of the entrepreneurs are showing huge interest and focused their vision on the taxi business.

Are you the one searching for the best Uber clone taxi script?

Here is our brand new product Wooberly — Uber clone script that helps you to build your on-demand business with a new technology Flutter.

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google to build iOS, Android mobile apps using a single code base.

Stand out from the crowd by using our Uber clone script,

Completely customizable

Providing 100% source code as you have the full freedom to customize their design, styles, layouts, etc as per your needs and requirements. It helps increase the conversion rate.

Trendy technologies

Uber clone has come up with some trendy technologies that make a taxi business more proficient and helps increase the speed and performance.

Better experience

Built with a flexible UI component that is smooth and sleek that helps increase the user experience with elegant performance.

Astonishing features

Uber clone script indulges with more stunning features that help provide a user-friendly experience and security to the users.

Distinctive code base

Uber clone is built with some advanced technologies called Flutter which has a single code base for both ios and android. It helps you to build many new features and it saves the testing time too.

We are eagerly waiting to hear it from you.

To try our iOS and Android apps for both Rider and Driver.

Visit: https://www.rentallscript.com/uber-clone/

5 new interesting business ideas of peer to peer marketplace

peer to peer marketplace
peer to peer marketplace

In today’s market, Peer to peer marketplace is one of the best online business models. And this business will be worth $335 billion by 2025. 

Peer to peer marketplace is one of the online platforms that connect people who need the product to rent. And the one who wants to make money by renting out the product.

Peer to peer marketplace growing all-around countries, people love to rent a product from one other. And entrepreneurs gaining more profit from the Peer to peer marketplace business model. 

Some of the peer to peer marketplace platform available for renting homes, cars, bikes, gear, and equipment.

More than that here some of the new interesting business ideas of the peer to peer marketplace. This business idea will help you to gain more profit.

Here some of the rental ideas:

  1. Playground Rental.
  2. Bar & Beverage Rental.
  3. Children’s Park Rental.
  4. Hire or Rent Bodyguards.
  5. Horse Accommodation Space rental.
  1. Playground Rental:

Playground rental businesses can connect all the players, they can play their games for a specific period of time. This rental business can help students, players and others to practice their games with friends. This business has high response from all other sides. Entrepreneurs would love to spend their money on building their own playground rental business.

Playground rental
Playground rental
  1. Bar & Beverage Rental:

Bar & beverage rental business can help people to connect with their relatives, colleagues and friends. Moreover, people would love to spend money on renting bar for gatherings. Bar & beverage rental business has become popular in the USA.

Bar & beverage rental
Bar & beverage rental
  1. Children’s Park Rental:

Parents rent the park for an hour and spend time playing with their child. They would love to spend more time with the child in the park. This is one of the upcoming popular rental businesses.

Children Park Rental
Children Park Rental
  1. Hire or Rent Bodyguards:

Renting or hiring a bodyguard for an hour or daily basic help people to protect in any kind of difficult situation. More than that a woman can spend a little amount of money to rent a bodyguard to protect her at night times. This renting business is one of the upcoming rental businesses suitable for all people.

Hire or Rent Bodyguard
Hire or Rent Bodyguard
  1. Horse Accommodation Space rental:

This rental business can help you to rent a space for your horse with accommodation. People love to spend money on keeping their horse more wealthy and healthy. 

Main reason of this rental business, If the owner went to other countries or they would love to train the horse. For, that they can rent a space with accommodation. This business is popular in some countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Horse Accommodation Space rental
Horse Accommodation Space rental

If you are interested in building your own peer to peer marketplace platform, I would like to suggest one of our best product RentALLScript – Airbnb clone.

RentALLScript – Airbnb clone is one of the readymade airbnb clone script, it can be customized based upon your interest. Our product is one time payment, scalable, built with modern technologies like ReactJS, GraphQL, Redux and React Apollo. 

For more information visit: RentALLScript (Airbnb clone)

RentALLScript (Airbnb clone)

Why RentALL is recommended as best Airbnb clone script?

Airbnb clone is suitable to create any kind of rental marketplace website. Now, there more airbnb clone are available in the market. Each airbnb clone comes up with different advantages in the market to help rental business.The different advantages of airbnb clone in the market are better user experience, manage booking, reviews, and promote your location.

Airbnb clone script can help various kinds of rental business solutions like.

  • Vacation rental.
  • Car rental.
  • Event Venue Sharing.
  • Co-working Space.
  • Boat Rental.
  • Equipment Rental.

The above rental business ideas are top in the market.

Why RentALLScript – Airbnb clone:

RentALLScript is an airbnb clone that helps entrepreneurs, innovators and business owner to build a top notch vacation rental website.

  • 100% customization – RentALLScript provide 100% source code and you can customize it based on your idea.
  • Better User Experience – Improve your website user-friendly with high-class performance.
  • Launch Worldwide – Your website is easily accessible across the globe. It support multi-language and multi-currency.
  • Fast Loading  – RentALLScript is designed with NodeJs, ReactJs and GraphQL to makes things faster.
  • Mobile Friendly – Easy to access the website from the mobile phone, the mobile experience seems to be friendly and it behaves like a mobile app.
  • SEO Friendly – RentALLScript is SEO optimized, our automatic generation of XML file for easily crawled by Google bots. It boosts the search engine visibility.

Top Notch Features of RentALLScript: 

  • Seasonal Pricing Calendar : Seasonal pricing helps rental owners to increase the price in the seasonal timing. 
  • iCal Integration – Export & Import : Rental owners can sync their calendar to other external calendars to manage the reservation. And they can import those calendars as well.
  • Stripe Connect :  Stripe which operate quick payment and support more than 34 countries worldwide.
  • Advanced Search Filters: This filter helps users for discovering the listing based upon their needs and fast processing in search result.

I hope this blog may help you get some ideas about our RentALLScript (Airbnb clone). It is one of the best airbnb clone scripts and top in the market. We help you to start your business and we will be available till the end for all the support and guidance.

For more info visit: https://www.rentallscript.com/airbnb-clone/

Top 5 Best Airbnb Clone Scripts Highly Recommended

airbnbclone - RentALLScript
Top 5 Best Airbnb Clone Script

Airbnb clone script is one of the best things found online for making a platform that facilitates the process of booking rooms, venues, cars, bikes and boats. Entrepreneurs are interested in creating a website with Airbnb clone script. By using the script they are making their business even more strong and wealthy.

let’s explore that!

What are the types of rental platforms are more popular?

  • Vacation Rental.
  • Car Rental.
  • Event Venue Sharing.
  • Yacht Charter or Boat Rental.
  • Co-working Space.
  • Bike Sharing.
  • Equipment Rental.
  • Food Sharing.
  • Car Parking Sharing.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 best Airbnb clone scripts.

1. RentALL (Airbnb Clone)

RentALL is one of the most advanced Airbnb clone scripts in the market. RentALL is packed with cutting edge technologies like Nodejs, Reactjs, Expressjs and GraphQL. This makes RentALL efficient and optimal for developing strong marketplace platforms. This script is featuring 100% source code, technical support, domain license, multi-currency, multi-language support system and it can be customizable for rental sharing websites like car rental, boat rental, yacht charter and vacation rental. 

  • 100% customizable.
  • One Time Payment.
  • Scalable.
  • Modern Technologies.
  • Better User Experience.
  • Launch Worldwide.
  • Social Media Connect.
  • List Setting.
  • Manage Reservation.
  • Security on Booking.


Snoota that delivers a comprehensible business concept for vacationers and tourists. They use high-end technologies to develop scripts. All the aspects of business development like scalability and viability. Help you to extend your business with market presence.

  • Clean Design and Code.
  • Quick time to market.
  • Email Management.
  • Full-page caching.
  • Multi-language assistance.
  • Property Collection.

3. Airspec

Airspec is a team of Experts and Professionals. They Provide cloning websites along with Android and iOS Apps. They can also help you to get better results in the search engine. And get your products branded all around the world.

  • Free Technical Support
  • Infinity Guest and Hosts
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Commission Sharing
  • Fully Customizable

RentCubo is a product creator for a dynamic digital world. A world which is driven by the sharing economy. They enable entrepreneurs around the world with marketplace software applications.

  • SEO friendly URLs.
  • Responsive design.
  • Cutting edge technology.
  • Multiple payment gateway.

5. Trubnb

Trubnb is a ready-made rental system, developed and organised. It was designed as a standalone source for entrepreneurs like you who are inclined to generate an online portal system for Rental business. It is an e-portal script that intermediates between your hosts and guests together.

  • Design receptive to customer.
  • Evolution of version.
  • Customizable.
  • Efficient.User-Friendly.
  • Instant Website Backup.
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Integrated Google Analytics.
  • Message Communication System.


Airbnb clone script is changing the rental business in better ways. If you have already tried any of these Airbnb Clone Scripts,

Hope it helps you.

Leave your comments below.

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