Why do you need an Uber clone script to build your own taxi business?

Instead of building an app from scratch, Uber clone script helps start your business with many benefits like time consumption, modernistic technologies, etc. It mainly depends on the stunning features that satisfy the expectations of the users.


It’s time to enhance your business with our Uber clone script -Wooberly.

Let us have a look at:

Features of Uber clone script



A driver can sign into the uber clone platform with ease and a smooth registration process includes driver details that help riders to easily identify them.

Payout method:

Drivers have the option to receive their payment via cash and Stripe payment gateway.

Multi-Currency and language:

Drivers can choose any international currency. Our Uber clone supports 24+ currency and supports 4 languages — EnglishSpanishItaly, and Portuguese.


It helps the driver to View the upcoming and completed trips that include receipts and messages.

Push notifications:

Get real-time updates of bookings and location tracking of the rider making it easier to know better.


A driver can give ratings for the riders.



Ease registration process for the rider with a Twilio SMS gateway that provides verification code for the confirmation and eliminates the fake users.

Diverse vehicle options:

With this interesting feature in our uber clone, the rider can select their vehicles as per the list is shown as per their wish and convenience.

Live tracking:

It helps riders to track and monitor each and every moment of the driver and they can also easily track their rides too.

Multiple payment options:

Users can pay their fares easily by using these multiple payment options that make the payment process more simple.

Push notifications:

Riders will be able to get live rapid updates and get notified regarding their ride details at their fingertips.

Fare estimation:

After entering the pickup and drop location of a ride, the rider automatically came to know the approximate fare amount for their ride.


Riders can rate their drivers regarding their experience.

Now, start to meet your expectations by using Wooberly — uber clone script.

To try our iOS and Android apps demo for both Rider and Driver.

Visit: https://www.rentallscript.com/uber-clone/

Share your valuable feedback with us!

P.S. I am part of the RadicalStart team. If you have any doubts, contact us at support@radicalstart.com.

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