How do I start an Uber clone app?

Designing and building an Uber clone app requires strenuous efforts. Once you have built it, 60% of setting your business is done as the app is the important part.

Start with building the MVP of the Uber Clone App.

The MVP(Minimum Viable Product) is the product having minimalistic and key features to bring into the market for the first few customers to use your product and gain valuable feedback.

We have built our own Uber Clone App — Wooberly. It’s an on-demand Uber clone mobile application being easy for entrepreneurs and startup owners to start their business easily. It is sleekly designed providing flexibility and customization. We have embellished with prerequisites features for your MVP product. Our platform covers all the operations an on-demand business requires.

So, let’s examine the blueprint of your MVP Uber clone App.

The Uber clone App has mainly 3 users — Admin, Drivers, and Riders (customers). You design a 3 app for each user group.

Looking into the features the MVP Uber clone bring is:

Main features in Driver App

  1. Vehicle details — Vehicle and a copy of the original documents of the vehicle.
  2. Document verification — Scanned documents of the vehicle.
  3. Payout method — Cash and stripe payment is present
  4. Currency and language — Integration of multi-currency and five languages.
  5. Trips — Having two sections — upcoming trips and completed.
  6. Privacy mode of earned details — Hiding earned pricing to provide security.
  7. Driver’s availability — Driver can switch back to offline if he doesn’t want to take a ride.
  8. In-call option — Driver can call the rider to know their exact location.

Main features in Rider App

  1. Multiple vehicle options — auto/micro
  2. Fare breakdown — based on km, durations
  3. Live tracking — the rider can monitor their ride
  4. Payout options — cash and Stripe payment
  5. Multiple currencies and language options — select according to their wish
  6. Track ride history — upcoming/past trips
  7. Fare estimation — calculate their ride fare
  8. Incall options — contact driver regarding trip details
  9. Ratings and reviews — customers can rate their drivers


Now, knowing the rudimentary features, think about the technology tool to use in developing the product. You can save your time, resource, and cost by preferring the cross-application development. Flutter would be the perfect tool for building a ground-up on-demand Uber application.

Flutter is an open-source SDK for cross-platform development created by Google. You can build iOS, and Android in a single codebase. Flutter helps to develop applications faster and with the availability of various widgets, it makes to build unique UI designs.

Please try our iOS and Android apps for both Rider and Driver.


We would really appreciate your feedback which will help us build a better product. Send us your feedback and questions to

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