Which one has more native features and better performance to build Uber Clone, React Native or Flutter?

Obviously, Flutter is the one that has more native features and better performance to build an Uber clone because it is more beneficial than react native.

We have built our own product Wooberly — Uber clone with the advanced technologies Flutter and GraphQL.

Wooberly serves as the best choice to build an on-demand business with our 100% customizable Uber clone apps.

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google to build iOS, Android and web applications using a single code base.

How is the Flutter suit perfect for Wooberly?

1. Single codebase

Flutter uses the same Codebase for both ios and android. It is useful to launch apps on both platforms at a time that helps to add many new features simultaneously and also time-consuming.

2.Rapid development

Flutter comes up with a tool called Hot Reload. It allows you to analyze and change the code within a fraction of seconds that accelerate the development process and gives a better experience.

3.Elevating performance

Complying directly to native code by using dart. Hence, there is no need for bridges between apps and platforms. It automatically helps speed up startup time and improves performance.

4. The perfect solution for MVP

An MVP is supposed to launch your idea into the market as quickly as possible, reduce development efforts, and be budget-friendly. Surprisingly, Wooberlyis the best choice to build your very own MVP to fulfill your entrepreneurial dream.

5. Test it in a day!

Since Wooberly is built using Flutter which uses single codebase for both iOS and Android, efforts spent in testing will be tremendously saved. Let it be logic, a new feature, it is all the same in both the platforms. The only thing to watch out for is the UI to be perfect across all the devices.

Just have a look at our demo, Visit: https://www.rentallscript.com/uber-clone/

Originally published here: https://medium.com/@sjselva/which-one-has-more-native-features-and-better-performance-to-build-uber-clone-react-native-or-e4080224f60b

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