Where can I get the free source code for an Uber clone app?

You may get free source code, but have you thought about the quality of your product? Free doesn’t mean it is quality.

I would suggest approaching a mobile development company that already has an on-demand Uber clone product.

Wooberly is the perfect product for an on-demand solution. Why?

  1. A Cross-Platform Product — Wooberly is developed with the Flutter, which is a cross-platform development tool created by Google. You can run our product in iOS, and Android where the code is written only once.
  2. A perfect solution to develop MVP — Wooberly is built having the prerequisites features to launch the MVP product of your marketplace. This helps in knowing your first-hand customers better and collect valuable feedback to develop your platform further.
  3. Clean code — Our Uber clone script comes up with a clean code that makes the process more simple and direct. It also helps for easier maintenance and testing becomes easier.
  4. Simple and Striking UI Design — The UI design is simple, takes an easy learning process for customers to use the application. The platform is also designed to engage the audience to stay for more hours.

As the Uber clone App revolves around 3 users — Admin, Drivers, and Riders (customers), let’s look at the features of the driver, and rider.

Main features in Driver App

  1. Vehicle details — Vehicle and a copy of the original documents of the vehicle.
  2. Document verification — Scanned documents of the vehicle.
  3. Payout method — Cash and stripe payment is present
  4. Currency and language — Integration of multi-currency and five languages.
  5. Trips — Having two sections — upcoming trips and completed.
  6. Privacy mode of earned details — Hiding earned pricing to provide security.
  7. Driver’s availability — Driver can switch back to offline if he doesn’t want to take a ride.
  8. In-call option — Driver can call the rider to know their exact location.

Main features in Rider App

  1. Multiple vehicle options — auto/micro
  2. Fare breakdown — based on km, durations
  3. Live tracking — the rider can monitor their ride
  4. Payout options — cash and Stripe payment
  5. Multiple currencies and language options — select according to their wish
  6. Track ride history — upcoming/past trips
  7. Fare estimation — calculate their ride fare
  8. Incall options — contact driver regarding trip details
  9. Ratings and reviews — customers can rate their drivers

Please try our iOS and Android apps for both Rider and Driver.

Visit: https://www.rentallscript.com/uber-clone/

Published by John Lee

Editor In Chief

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